MotionBend Release Notes

Version 1.6.6

22 May 2020


  • Fixed issue causing crash with interlaced source.
  • Fixed issue with rendering interlaced video in Complete mode.
  • Optimizations to code.

Version 1.6.5

14 April 2020


  • New MotionBend Assistant to help with plugin installation and licensing.
  • Build for macOS Catalina.

Version 1.6.4

24 December 2018


  • Fixed a bug preventing import of some video formats

Version 1.6.3

16 November 2018


  • Fixed a bug preventing writing of certain video formats
  • Fixed a bug in the Batch Processor that stopped jobs being removed or enabled/disabled

Version 1.6.2

18 October 2018

Stand-Alone and Plugin

  • Improved performance through more use of multithreading
  • Improved event detection in motion priority mode


  • Fixed issue with ProRes 4444 video
  • Fixed a bug concerning anamorphic video
  • Fixed a bug when deleting motion events
  • Fixed a bug when loading an older format project after working on a newer format project

Version 1.6.1

29 January 2018

Stand-Alone and Plugin

  • New Rotation Dampening option to reduce the amount of unwanted rotation in the Z axis
  • Improved speed, particularly by making better use of multicore CPUs, for both analysis of motion and rendering video
  • Additional tuning for motion analysis


  • The Motion Events table has been moved to a separate window, accessible via the Correction menu
  • Motion event detection mode has been moved to the Events section of the main window and is stored per project
  • Subtitle detection has been moved to the Motion Analysis section of the main window and is stored per project
  • Added Select Analyzed to select frames dialog
  • Added shortcuts for jumping to the start and end of the selected range of frames: ⌘⇧[ and ⌘⇧]
  • Close Project can now be used from the menu to clear the video, even if no project has been opened or saved
  • Fixed a problem saving saving meta data after importing some video formats
  • Fixed some issues that could occur when cancelling analysis
  • Fixed a bug when saving a project, if user quit and decided to save at last minute
  • Fixed a bug where loading a project from the recent files menu failed if the project had been loaded by dropping onto the MotionBend window
  • Fixed a bug where some video from cameras with rotation sensor could be shown corrupted when using cache playback mode
  • Fixed a bug where some video could be shown with incorrect stabilization after exiting cache playback mode
  • Fixed a bug where the Batch Processor would not write FCPX XML

Version 1.6

25 September 2017


  • Combined Stand-Alone and Plugin first release
  • When using MotionBend without a licence key, rendered video is watermarked. Restrictions on loading and saving projects, and using the Batch Processor have now been removed
  • New feature: edit parameters of video composed of still image files - enabling the use of anamorphic dimensions, interlaced images and removal of unrelated images
  • Timecodes of video composed of still images files will now start from 00:00 instead of using the frame number to infer the start timecode
  • Some extra metadata was added to the project file to support sharing projects with MotionBend Plugin
  • Fixed a bug where the Select Analyzed menu option was disabled after loading a project
  • Fixed an issue where the initial velocity of an event that had been changed to Linear would get a bad value if the event before it had bad motion
  • Fixed an issue where adding a new foreground region could interact with previously added regions
  • New option to enable/disable detection of burnt in captions for motion analysis (see Preferences, Motion tab)
  • Fixed a bug where portrait thumbnails were shown clipped in the import dialog
  • Updated help

FCPX Plugin

  • First release
  • See the installation guide for how to set up the plugin
  • If you want to trim a video clip then you should do it before analysis
    • Trimming the end time of a clip is possible after analysis if the end is not extended
    • If you must trim after analysis, right click the clip on the timeline and then make it a compound clip. It will not be possible to change any parameters for MotionBend on the clip after making it compound
  • MotionBend can be applied to a multicam clip in two ways:
    • Drop MotionBend onto the multicam clip, it will apply to the clip that is the current view for the duration of the cut
    • For more flexibility, open the multicam clip to show all the views and drop MotionBend onto the views that need stabilization
  • Projects from MotionBend Stand-Alone must have been created by version 1.6 or loaded into 1.6 and saved before being imported by the plugin

MotionBend Stand-Alone

Version 1.5

30 March 2017

  • Motion analysis is now considerably faster and a single pass process
  • Measures to remove/reduce affect of burnt in captions on motion analysis
  • Increased user interface responsiveness when analysing motion
  • Several optimizations implemented to increase the speed of MotionBend
  • Jump to a specific frame in the preview: click on preview timecode and the type in the new timecode
  • Support for rotated video
  • All timecodes in the user interface support drop frame timecodes
  • Project Browser (from Open Project menu):
    • The home directory is now displayed by the username
    • Projects without a thumbnail image will now be shown with the MotionBend default project icon
    • The output directory chosen in the Batch Processor is now listed with the short cuts
  • Other GUI changes:
    • Save dialog redesigned and now handles export options for completion matte
    • Menu option "Recent Files" now renamed "Open Recent" and only shows recent files on available disks
    • When the mouse is over the frame selection bar, the timecode for the location will be displayed
    • Batch Processor settings have been reorganized
    • If all video frames have been analyzed then the analysis actions are disabled until the motion has been cleared
    • After motion events have been detected, the event detect button is disabled until events have been cleared
  • Added support for reading raw YUV, Y4M, RGB, BGR, RGBA and BGRA video files
  • Improved detection of interlacing on some file types
  • New function to clear all temporary data and files (See Preferences/Storage)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause bad motion analysis and rendering of high bit interlaced video
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when analysing video with non-standard dimensions
  • Fixed a bug when using cached playback, caching could ignore the selected range of frames; the selected range of frames cannot be changed until cache mode is exited
  • Fixed a bug when choosing a new thumbnail for a project

Version 1.4.6

26 September 2016

  • Added cinema view mode to preview
  • Added a button for full screen playback to the preview controls
  • Video files that have been opened are now also stored in the Recent Files history menu
  • Gain compensation (for completion mode) is now always enabled and the option is no longer displayed
  • Manually save a project
  • Jobs in the Batch Processor can be set disabled and then re-enabled for processing in a different batch later
  • Delete jobs in the Batch Processor using the keyboard
  • The style of the user interface has been modified; including a new image for the cache playback mode button
  • The MotionBend icon has been updated
  • The format of project files has changed; old project files will be automatically updated to the new format
  • If you try to render a video to a file that already exists and is locked by another process, MotionBend will try to identify that process for you
  • Fixed bugs in the video player when operating in full screen mode including:
    • Fixed a bug in the navigation bar when viewing a sequence of image files
    • Fixed a bug that could cause a black image to be shown when exiting full screen mode
    • Fixed a bug that could interfere with the display of the controls in full screen mode when using a second monitor
  • Fixed a bug that may have affected checking for new versions
  • The minimum requirement for MotionBend has been changed to MacOS X 10.9

Version 1.4.5

25 April 2016

  • New full screen playback mode
  • New progress dialog when saving large projects
  • Some improvements to speed for analysis and renderering
  • Fixed an issue where anamorphic dimensions would not be properly detected for some formats
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash in the Project Browser

Version 1.4.4

11 December 2015

  • Drag and drop project files onto the preview area in the main window to load them
  • Drag and drop project files onto the Batch Processing window to analyze and render them
  • If you move a video file and want to fix a project that uses it, you can set the new location of the video in Project Properties
  • Clicking on the Clear button in Tracks and Motion will no longer clear the video selection
  • The frame selection bar has been modified so that when using the Set Start and Set End functions, the selected range is modified in a more logical way
  • The Input tab on the main window has now been renamed Analysis and the clip Information renamed Source
  • Improved notifications (Notification Center)
    • After analysis, show the name of the video or project in the notification
    • New optional notification after rendering
  • More details have been added to Batch Processor logging
  • New feature: save the Batch Processor log to a file
  • Manually checking software updates:
    • The dialog will now show the update version that was previously found if "Remind me later" had been clicked
    • The "last updated time" is immediately updated after checking
  • In Evaluation mode
    • The main window title is now "MotionBend Evaluation"
    • If you leave the batch processor with unprocessed jobs there will be a warning that they will be deleted; jobs are only saved with the full version of MotionBend (this is not new behavior, previously there was simply no warning)
  • More details have been added to the error messages given when video files cannot be loaded, the extra information will also be passed to the Batch Processor log
  • Fixed a bug that could affect motion smoothing for particularly shaky motion
  • Fixed handling of video from still images so that only sequences of consecutively numbered image files will be considered to belong to a clip
  • Fixed an issue that made motion graphs use a different scale on Retina displays compared to standard displays
  • Fixed an issue that could cause projects to be larger than necessary

Version 1.4.3

3 August 2015

  • Motion smoothly transitions to and from processed motion when rendering a section of video
  • The range of analyzed frames are now indicated in the frame selection bar
  • The motion graph now highlights the motion event the mouse pointer is above, for feedback to the user
  • A graphic is now shown in the preview area to show the user that drag and drop is possible (can be disabled in Preferences)
  • Fixed a problem where SSDs or fast hard drives could display a blank image after loading a new video
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the project thumbnail from being updated
  • Fixed a bug where selecting the first vertical motion event would not set the current frame to the start of the event when that option is enabled
  • Support for MacOS X 10.7 Lion will no longer be tested

Version 1.4.2

4 March 2015

  • New feature: Select interlacing when a video is loaded (option to override automatic detection)
  • New feature: Click on the frame selection bar to set the current frame
  • New dialog to show progress of an imported video (loaded via third party frameworks)
  • Show a default thumbnail in the Batch Processor while waiting for thumbnails to be generated
  • Improved handling of imported videos resulting in faster loading if the video is used more than once
  • Speed of motion estimation improved for multiple threads
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the preview to show the wrong corrected motion after batch processing then loading a new video
  • Fixed a bug that could cause text to be clipped by a few pixels in some widgets
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when loading longer videos

Version 1.4.1

4 December 2014

  • Retina displays now supported
  • New feature: Check for Updates
  • Updated help pages
  • Enabled loading of 4K XAVC video
  • Fixed a bug that could stop the preview from showing corrected motion after loading a project
  • Fixed a bug where the project properties were not always updated when loading a new project

Version 1.4

2 October 2014

  • The current zoom value is now shown in the Active Area box on the Rendering tab
  • Added menu options and keyboard shortcuts to set the selected range of frames, ⌘[ and ⌘]
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for adding motion events to H and V axes - ⌘U and ⌘J; also the Batch Processor can now be opened by ⌘B
  • MotionBend's QuickTime helper subprocess was rewritten as an XPC service
    • Handling of video files should be a little faster
    • If the XPC service is accidentally killed by the user, Launch Services will automatically restart it
    • On some machines the old helper subprocess could result in an annoying bouncing dock icon
  • Support for reading from more file formats:
    • AVCHD MTS and M2TS files
    • MXF container
    • WMV files
    • DV files
    • HEVC bitstreams and HEVC in MP4 container
    • Now able to read a wider range of codecs under an AVI container
    • Fixed a problem when using XAVC-S codec
  • Support for BT.2020 color spaces, where appropriate
  • Fixed editing of foreground regions, when multiple regions are selected
  • Optionally add a postfix to the filename for videos process by the Batch Processor