Installing MotionBend


Installing MotionBend is very easy; just follow these simple steps.

Check Preferences

From MacOS X 10.9 onwards you need to change your System Preferences to allow apps that are not downloaded from the App store to work.

  1. Go to the Apple menu and start System Preferences
  2. Select Security & Privacy
  3. Click on the lock icon to allow changes, you will probably have to enter your password
  4. Select "Allow apps downloaded from Mac App Store and identified developers"
System Preferences


If you haven't done so already, download MotionBend.

Locate the downloaded file and double click it. If the download was successful, the MotionBend disk image is now mounted and opens in a window.

Disk image window

Copy to Applications

Drag the MotionBend icon and drop it on the Applications folder icon. MotionBend is now installed.

The First Run

The first time you run MotionBend you will need to read and agree to the End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

EULA window

Enter Licence Key

If you have a licence key, enter it or click on the Evaluation Mode button.

You can register later by using the Licence option in the Help menu.

Licence Window