Installing MotionBend via the Assistant


Follow these simple steps to install MotionBend Assistant and MotionBend Plugin for Final Cut Pro X and Motion.

If you are installing an older version of MotionBend from before Catalina then follow the stand-alone and plugin installation guide.


If you haven't done so already, download MotionBend.

Locate the downloaded file and double click it. If the download was successful, the MotionBend disk image is now mounted and opens in a window.

Disk image window

Copy to Applications

Drag the MotionBend Assistant icon and drop it on the Applications folder icon. MotionBend is now installed, continue with the following steps to set the licence key and enable the plugin.

You can copy to another location, if you desire, but the disk must always be mounted when you use the plugin.

The First Run

The first time you run MotionBend or the MotionBend Assistant you will need to read and agree to the End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Note: You must run the Assistant application at least once in order for your system to register the plugin.

EULA window

Enter Licence Key

If you have a licence key, enter it and click on the Activate button.

If you don't have a licence key, you can register later by running the Assistant again.

Licence Window

Install Plugin

Click on the Install Plugin button to install necessary files for both Final Cut Pro X and Motion.

There are some points to be aware of,

  • The MotionBend Assistant must be copied to a mounted disk for the plugin to work, preferably in Applications. You cannot run MotionBend Assistant from the DMG, install the plugin files and then unmount the DMG.
  • You must run MotionBend Assistant from double clicking the icon in order to properly register the plugin with macOS.
  • Avoid having more than one copy of MotionBend or MotionBend Assistant on a mounted disk. Remove old versions otherwise FCPX and Motion could become confused about which version you want to use.



To uninstall, click on the Uninstall Plugin button then delete the MotionBend Assistant application from your disk. If you intend to continue using MotionBend on another machine then deactivate your licence first.