Stabilize. Smooth. Edit. Transform.

MotionBend uses powerful video processing techniques to stabilize video and give you control over your camera work. Retroactively edit your camera work. Modify when motions start and stop; remove hesitation or add pauses, lock the camera position and speed up or slow down pans.

MotionBend gives you the camera motion that you want.

View Camera Motion at a Glance

MotionBend uses line graphs to visualize the original and edited motion. Motion can be edited independently for horizontal and vertical axes by adjusting a few intuitive parameters. Camera work can easily be smoothed and corrected.

Click on the graphs to see more detail.

MotionBend motion graph: stationary

MotionBend motion graph: panning

MotionBend motion graph: corrected motion

Auto Guided Camera Work

MotionBend automatically detects changes in motion type and direction. The motion graph is divided into events, each with parameters automatically fitted to give smooth camera work. Simply select a motion event on the graph and customize the parameters.

If your camera work is already good you can use the automatically fitted correction to smooth out imperfections in the camera motion.

MotionBend Screenshot

Preserve Image Size

Motion editing or stabilization by any video software must affect the visibility of the border. MotionBend can render video with either cropping, zoom or frame completion. Completion infills the border using previous and future frames.

The more border is visible, the more processing will be needed to hide it. MotionBend calculates the minimum rectangle required to hide the border edge, leading to less cropping or zoom.

MotionBend Screenshot

Find Your Work in Seconds

All the motion analysis, motion edits and rendering parameters are stored in a project so you can save your work and modify it later.

You can easily find projects that you have been working on recently or browse projects with all the important details you need to locate the project you want quickly.

MotionBend Project Browser

Use Your Time Efficiently

Quality stabilization can be time consuming and stop you from getting other work done. The batch processor lets you select multiple video clips, analyze them, render and save the data as projects.

Videos can be set to analyze or render in batch. Output to an intermediate codec as part of your preprocessing workflow.

MotionBend Batch Processor